Repentance and Forgiveness

Many times in life, you come across certain individuals who persistently commit sins and do not seek the forgiveness of Allah, they believe with full certainty that they will not receive His mercy and consequently choose to increase in evil deeds. This is a grave mistake and misunderstanding. Allah assures us in the Quran that [...]

Ramadan is near – Stay active and keep worshiping

As children, the phrase: "Ramadan is coming" brought joy to our hearts. Knowing that Ramadan was a month where we have guest, delicious food, night trips to the mosque; where family and friends come together to fully appreciate this unforgettable month. As children we didn't pay much attention to what we were supposed to do [...]

Mawiyah James

Salam alaikum! My name is Mawiyah James, I am sixteen years old and was born in Birmingham, England. I am St Lucian, Jamaican and Bengali. I consider England my home even though it is very dull and it's a non-muslim country, it is still my home because my family and friends live there. To me, [...]